The initiative for this business started from craziness, this is how the interview started when we met to talk about Joben Bistro, the place which brought in Romania the concept of steampunk, which is a genre of science-fiction that combines elements inspired by novels of Jules Verne and H.G.Wells. Joben is by far another realm, a magical place where times receives another meaning, and which, through the creativity of the owner, retransformed the junks and old objects into art. At Joben things are under constant change, and not too long ago was a switch from eliminating most of the old menu and introduce the concept of fine-dining.

Each dish and drink has a story, which can be enjoyed by reading the menu, and changes two times per year. Also, each week, the Joben Train travels all over the world and brings new recipes and tastes from exotic places, project called Treat of The Week. In the respondent’s view, the Hospitality Industry is fascinating and connected to art, and that is why at Joben everything is about creating, reinterpreting and bringing something unique to the clients which are curious and open to discover new experiences. All in all, Joben is the place that stops time and encourages clients to enjoy each and every bite of their dish, to stay present in the moment and to take a break from the daily stress, routine and constant running through life.