Art, crafting, creativity and coffee are elements that define one of the newest and most fascinating concepts in Cluj-Napoca, Ceramic Café. Neither a café nor a crafting zone itself, Ceramic Café is an alternative place, initiated by five friends and partners, each of them with a long working experience in Canada. They all come from different fields, and their complementary skills, put together helped them in initiating a new concept on the local market. In my discussion with one of the founders of Ceramic Cafe, he added about his team:

“We are five friends, really closed, we started in this together, each one of us with some specific competencies, developed over a long period of time. We are in a stage of professional maturity and it is a great thing if we put our skills together, this is an element which forms an efficient team.”

When you first enter Ceramic Café you realize that is more than a café, you can choose a ceramic biscuit from the shelves situated on the left, and then, going in the second room you can start painting it with special colors brought from USA. Your object will be burnt at 1000 degrees and after a couple of weeks you will have a new coffee cup or an ornamental product, no toxics, no plumb, perfectly safe to be used. The place is innovative both by the concept, but also through the great focus placed on the events and workshops which engage the community in creative activities. From corporate team buildings to children and parents and students, everyone wishing to escape in a design-oriented activity is welcomed. Ceramic Café is inspired by concepts seen abroad, in Melbourne, Boston and Los Angeles, but the Romanian market did not cover the niche.

Make sure you will not miss their events, by liking and subscribing to their Facebook page.Soon I will come back with my very first ceramic object, stay close.