From Fusion Cuisine to World Cuisine

The idea that the world is becoming a huge village is starting to be even more accurate in 2017. Having the possibility to explore all the corners of the world is more accessible than ever, and this opportunity is an opening door towards exploring and discovering new cultures and new cuisines. Chef and food lovers have always seen this as a chance to mix the ingredients which are specific to one region with the spices from another, this fusion between foods bearing the name of Fusion Cuisine, which, is not a new concept at all. However, over the years, these mix of combining has started to get the appellative of Con-Fusion Cuisine, as the creativity and innovative techniques used by the professionals started to raise doubts among the consumers. What 2017 sees is a reach in World Cuisine, from a more natural, clean and meaningful perspective, where the intersections between cultures still exist, however, the focus is on keeping what makes that dish authentic.

Kitchen Symphony is a trend highlighted by the Innova Markets Insights Institute, which states that the demand for increasing authenticity in traditional cuisines is on request, as people are showing higher pride and admiration for local kitchens, both their own and also international ones. On these premises, customers are attracted by the honest and unbiased mix between cultures, the symphony which results by combining the East and the West, the South and the North. According to a survey by the NRA, on average 80% of consumers eat at least one ethnic cuisine per month.

Another interesting concept is brought into view by Sterling-Rice Groups’s Cutting Edge Culinary Trends for 2017, the idea of Migratory Meals. This trend starts getting popularity due to certain social and political factors like the refugee populations and people relocating all over the world. The concept can be seen more like an homage given to the world cuisines, a way of sharing the uniqueness of each culture and also a way of breaking down some misconceptions. Chef Victor Matthews stated with regard with this issue that our duty as chef or foods lovers is to look beyond politics, towards a world of expensive kitchens and creating a culinary comradeship.